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Sourcing Indonesia has been organizing and managing shipping services for clients from all over the world for over 12 years. Our strategic partnership with Prathama Line Logistics and selected customs brokers makes the job of delivery as simple as possible for you and your company. We can work with you to handle all of your shipping needs if required.

For many clients particularly in Java we provide labeling, packaging and stuffing monitoring services at the factories to ensure that the factories follow the client’s requests before the container is sealed and trucked to port. In Bali we work closely with our shipping partner, Prathama, to make sure that each container is packaged and consolidated as requested by the client. This is particularly critical if there is a priority product list per order as we ensure that priority products do not become part of the back order if any.

If you would like Sourcing Indonesia to organize any local handling and shipping for you please let us know. Below is some general information regarding shipping from Indonesia:

Our partner Prathama can ship to virtually every country in the world, including all major ports in North America, Europe, Australia, etc. We have a strategic partnership with Prathama Line Logistics and have worked closely with their team for over 8 years now. Prathama has designated a whole warehouse for SI clients product storage, packaging and stuffing.

Full Container Load (FCL)
FCL shipments are available as 20ft containers (30 cubic meters), 40ft containers (60 cubic meters), and 40ft high cube containers (68 cubic meters). Full Container Load shipments are subject to considerably less handling fees as they are loaded in Bali and unloaded at final destination.

Less than Container Load (LCL)
LCL shipments are shipped to Singapore where similar shipments are consolidated and then shipped to destination harbor.

Shipping Times (Day of Arrival)
Shipping times vary from Indonesia but generally it is 4-6 weeks to Europe and North America and 2-4 weeks to Australia. For LCL shipments add on 2-3 days to these times.

Insurance & Additional Fees
Insurance is 2.5% of your invoice amount and insures the goods through the arrival at the destination port. We recommend acquiring local insurance for any order upon arrival in the home country. Sourcing Indonesia can help arrange insurance within your home country if you are interested.
In regards to any additional fees, most countries assess some value added tax or customs charge to imported items. In addition, some harbors assess charges and/or fees upon arrival of containers. Any such related charges are not included in our shipping charges. We are happy to obtain all information related to any import tax and/or harbor fees through our custom brokerage partnerships upon request.