The Team

Sourcing Indonesia strives to provide clients with the most professional sourcing and buying services available in Indonesia. Our clients recognize the high value added services that we provide and that is why we have so many long standing clients and repeat customers.

  1. Patrick Benz

    Patrick Benz

    Managing Director

  2. Christopher Benz

    Christopher Benz

    Founder & Senior Advisor

  3. Ketut Sudiarsa "Bull"

    Ketut Sudiarsa "Bull"

    Director of Operations / Account Manager

  4. Rakhmat Hidayat "Matt"

    Rakhmat Hidayat β€œMat”

    Account Manager

  5. Budi Prayogo

    Purnawan Hadi

    Senior Quality Control / Client Account Manager

  6. Gede Sudiarsana "GD"

    Gede Sudiarsana "GD"

    Account Manager

  7. Andri Nuraini

    Andri Nuraini

    Financial Controller

  8. Made Miasa

    Made Miasa

    Order Fulfillment Manager

  9. Ariyadi


    Client Account Manager

  10. Nanok


    Quality Control Manager

  11. Whawan Junaedy

    Whawan Junaedy

    Order Fulfillment Manager

  12. Gede Suaba

    Gede Suaba


  13. Made Yudha

    Made Yudha

    Quality Control

  14. Putu Yudi

    Putu Yudi

    Quality Control

  15. Nyoman Triawan

    Nyoman Triawan

    Quality Control

  16. Nyoman Martana

    Nyoman Martana

    Quality Control

  17. Made Sunarta

    Made Sunarta

    Quality Control

  18. Nyoman Trimahayani

    Nyoman Trimahayani

    Quality Control

  19. Juda Santosa

    Juda Santosa

    Order Fulfillment / Photo Director

  20. Risna Daryani

    Risna Daryani

    Administrative Assistant

  21. Dian Junika Putri

    Dian Junika Putri

    Order Fulfillment

  22. Anggun SHW

    Anggun SHW

    Quality Control

  23. Dion Nugroho

    Dion Nugroho

    Quality Control

  24. Endang Hartanto

    Endang Hartanto

    Order Fulfillment

  25. Eka Trisnawati

    Eka Trisnawati

    Order Fulfillment

  26. Amir


    Quality Control

  27. Wayan Gila

    Wayan Gila